A Canadian Innovator’s Mission to Make Healthcare Financially Accessible

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In this enlightening episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we’re excited to welcome Chanddeep Madaan, the visionary behind Aya Care, Canada’s leading healthcare spending account provider. Chanddeep, a UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering alumnus and a seasoned finance expert, exemplifies the essence of Canadian entrepreneurship with his innovative approach to healthcare.

His journey has taken him through significant roles at Karmic Labs and PwC, where he developed expertise in legal, compliance, and fiscal operations. This diverse background laid the foundation for Aya Care, a venture that goes beyond financial solutions to champion healthcare financial inclusivity in Canada. Chanddeep’s initiative in integrating Visa-partnered spending accounts has revolutionized access to healthcare, focusing on empowering Canadians with immediate, hassle-free care. His leadership embodies vision, dedication, and a commitment to transformative solutions for SMEs in Canada.

Key Highlights:

  • Chanddeep discusses the key moment that motivated his shift from finance to healthcare and the inception of Aya Care.
  • Insights into how Aya Care addresses the specific needs of small and medium-sized businesses in Canada, including the benefits they can expect.
  •  The impact of Aya Care’s coverage for services like gym memberships and childcare on employee well-being and company culture.
  • Chanddeep elaborates on the tax benefits of Health Spending Accounts for both employees and corporations, aligning with his vision for financial inclusivity.
  • Reflections on the challenges within the health and wellness industry and Aya Care’s strategies to address them.
  • Plans for the growth of Aya Care’s services in Canada and globally.
  • Discussion on how AI incorporation in Aya Payments is enhancing the healthcare experience and streamlining services.
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We’re inspired by the transformative power of vision and innovation in healthcare, illustrated by Chanddeep Madaan’s journey from finance to pioneering Aya Care. His dedication and forward-thinking approach are revolutionizing healthcare accessibility and inclusivity.

We thank Chanddeep for his valuable insights and Aya Care for leading healthcare financial inclusivity in Canada. A special thanks to our partners: RBC, UPS, and Xero, for their continued support.

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