Alberta Entrepreneur Bruce Tannas Launches Connect4commerce Project to Help Small Business Owners

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To help small business owners during this difficult time Bruce Tannas started up a new project; Connect4Commerce. Connect4Commerce is an online platform for buying and selling everything from equipment to entire businesses. It’s an online marketplace that could be compared to Kijiji, but it’s specifically targeted at business-to-business interactions.

Please join me in welcoming Bruce Tannas, an entrepreneur/small business/business development expert. Bruce saw a need for this one-stop-shop approach as thousands of businesses is at risk of closing due to the pandemic. He hopes to help owners who have to sell assets or their business with serious potential buyers. This passion to help comes from his own personal experience of losing a business in the last economic downturn. He was forced to close his tourism business, which deeply affected him personally and professionally. He then dedicated his career to helping small businesses grow and thrive.

In this Podcast Bruce discussed how to buy a business during a pandemic, when it all goes wrong: how to exit your business and guide to small business grants.