Alterna Savings’ Vision for SMEs with Jean Barrett & Mary Achebe

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It’s another enriching episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast. Dive deep with us into the realm of community-based financial empowerment, led by the insights of two revered personalities from Alterna Savings. Known for its standout commitment to entrepreneurs and small businesses, Alterna Savings consistently carves its niche in the financial arena. With us are Jean Barrett, Manager of Alterna Savings’ Community Microfinance Program, and Mary Achebe, Credit Officer. Their combined experience surpasses 25 years in banking, accentuated by an unwavering devotion to community microfinance.

Key Highlight Points:

  • Discover what makes Alterna Savings stand out in the financial world, offering much more than just traditional banking services.
  • Understand Alterna’s ‘hands-up’ philosophy in their Community Microfinance Program, a transformative strategy enriching numerous entrepreneurs.
  • Explore the distinct groups Alterna’s Community Microfinance Program ardently aims to empower and support.
  • Get to know about the holistic array of support that Alterna offers to entrepreneurs, making sure they’re well-equipped for success.
  • Learn about Alterna’s cutting-edge products, services, and support structures, all designed to facilitate the dreams of small business owners.
  • Guidance for the enthusiastic entrepreneurs keen on tapping into the vast potential of Alterna’s Community Microfinance Program.

We express our deepest appreciation to both Jean and Mary for gracing this episode and sharing a goldmine of insights about Alterna Savings and its Community Microfinance Program. The commitment Alterna shows to championing small businesses and entrepreneurs is palpable and commendable.

Huge thanks to our amazing partners who make this podcast a reality: RBC, our banking stalwart always at the forefront in supporting Canadian SMEs; UPS, our shipping partner ensuring seamless business connections, and Xero, simplifying financial intricacies for businesses nationwide.

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