Breaking Barriers: A Capterra Study on Women in the Workplace

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Welcome to our special edition podcast episode in honour of International Women’s Day! Today, we’ll be exploring the experiences of women in the workplace, the challenges they face, and the progress made toward gender equality. From unequal pay to unconscious bias, women still encounter a range of obstacles in the workplace, and it’s important to shine a light on these issues and work towards creating a more equitable and inclusive workplace culture for all. 

We got the chance to chat with Tessa Anaya, the Content Analyst at Capterra Canada. Her time is dedicated to method-based investigations to help SMEs of all industries access insights that can elevate their organizations. Her of-the-moment consumer surveys and market research have earned her features in IT World Canada, Les Affaires, The Financial Post, and the Journal de Montreal.

In this podcast, Tessa highlighted the problems women face in the workplace, how balancing work and family life is a struggle for men and women alike and how we can foster an environment of trust in the workplace.