Bridging Digital Gaps in Indigenous Communities: Insights from Lawrence Lewis

In this episode of the Indigenous-SME Small Business Podcast, we feature Lawrence Lewis, Founder of OneFeather, a transformative platform dedicated to enhancing governance, finance, and access to Aboriginal rights. Lawrence, from the We Wai Kai Nation, has spent over 25 years serving Indigenous communities and driving digital innovation to improve their lives. Through OneFeather, he has impacted over 289 First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities across Canada with solutions like the Elections Estimator Tool and digital voting.

Key Highlights:

  • Lawrence shares the journey of creating OneFeather and the vision that led to its establishment. He discusses the challenges and motivations that drove him to focus on supporting Indigenous governance and rights.
  • Learn about the new tool that simplifies First Nations elections, making the process more accessible and transparent. Lawrence explains how this tool is revolutionizing the way elections are conducted in Indigenous communities.
  • Discover how OneFeather’s digital solutions are reducing barriers and providing easier access to Aboriginal entitlements. Lawrence discusses the impact of these products on Indigenous people and their communities.
  • Hear about the tangible effects of OneFeather’s services on the communities they serve. Lawrence explores how these services have improved governance and what the future holds for Indigenous empowerment.
  • Lawrence teases upcoming direct payment solutions set to launch in 2024, providing a glimpse into the next phase of innovation at OneFeather.

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We would like to express our gratitude to  Lawrence Lewis for joining us and his insights into the digital transformation of Indigenous governance and the profound impact of OneFeather’s services on Indigenous communities are inspiring. We hope his story encourages more Indigenous entrepreneurs to leverage technology for growth and empowerment.

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