Bridging Skills Gaps for Enhanced Company Performance with Matt Foran

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In this engaging episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Matt Foran, the innovative mind behind KnowMeQ. With over two decades of experience in post-secondary education, encompassing roles from administration to research, Matt brings a unique perspective to the table. KnowMeQ, born out of a design jam focused on addressing the challenges of automation and Industry 4.0, represents a transformative approach to workforce development. This discussion delves into the intricate world of skills assessment and workforce optimization, showcasing how KnowMeQ’s science-validated SaaS platform is reshaping recruitment, succession planning, and retention strategies. 

Key Highlights:

  • Matt shares the inspiration behind KnowMeQ and its impact on modern recruitment and workforce planning.
  • Insights into how KnowMeQ addresses labor shortages and assists businesses in talent identification and development.
  • The role of KnowMeQ in promoting continuous growth and adaptability in individuals and organizations.
  • How KnowMeQ is meeting the specific needs of sectors like manufacturing and supply chain, and the successes seen in these areas.
  • The importance of functional literacy and numeracy skills in company performance, and how KnowMeQ’s assessments help bridge skill gaps.
  • Matt’s advice for small businesses on cultivating a culture of continuous learning and development, drawing on KnowMeQ’s expertise.

We extend our sincere thanks to Matt Foran for his enlightening insights on KnowMeQ’s journey and its significant impact on the labor market, education, and the small business sector. Our appreciation also goes to our dedicated partners who stand as pillars in the small business community. A special shout-out to RBC, our exclusive banking partner, UPS, our dependable shipping ally, and Xero, our committed accounting software partner.

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