Bridging the Digital Skills Gap with Shannon Leininger

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The pandemic has deeply changed how we functioned at our workplaces, exacerbating the already existing need for IT and technology skills for today’s and tomorrow’s jobs. Going by the conclusion of a study conducted by Cisco, “75% of IT decision-makers around the world said their teams face a shortage of skills and skilled workers. Job postings for tech roles far outpace non-tech jobs, which is 30% up from pre-pandemic levels.”

The future of work and our economy relies on a commitment to address the growing digital skills gap in Canada that has been accelerated by COVID-19. To discuss this, we have the President of Cisco Canada, Shannon Leininger as our guest on the podcast today. With her passion to help people overcome business challenges, Shannon is an innovative visionary who believes in the power of careful planning and strategy.

Shannon Leininger has played an active role throughout her career to champion diversity and inclusion in the workspace. As the President of Cisco Canada, Shannon oversees many facets of her organization’s business including sales, finance, engineering, marketing, operations, and services. 

In this episode, we tried to understand from Shannon what she is trying to achieve with a partnership between Cisco Canada, New Brunswick’s Department of Education, and CyberNB. Shannon also elaborated on the different skills that she believes is an absolute must for business owners and what would happen if Canada was not able to bridge the skill gap in the coming years.