Building Legacies in SMEs: Insights from Dr. Francesco Barbera

In this insightful episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Francesco Barbera, the Founding Academic Director of the Family Business Institute at the Ted Rogers School of Management. Dr. Barbera, renowned for his work in family business, shares his journey, the inspiration behind the institute, and its significance in today’s business landscape. From overcoming challenges faced by SMEs to embracing the future of family businesses, this episode delves into the critical role of education, innovation, and community engagement in ensuring the longevity and prosperity of family-operated ventures.

Key Highlights:

  • Dr. Barbera recounts his path to becoming a leading figure in family business education and research, highlighting the blend of academic excellence and practical experience.
  • Discussion on the unique hurdles SMEs face and the institute’s role in providing tailored solutions, emphasizing succession planning, family dynamics, and the balance between work and life.
  • Insights into how businesses and students can engage with the Family Business Institute’s initiatives for mutual growth and learning.
  • The impact of the institute’s cutting-edge teaching methods on preparing students for real-world family business scenarios, bridging theoretical knowledge with practical applications.
  • Visionary thoughts on the evolving landscape of family businesses in Canada, including the integration of technology and the importance of succession planning.

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Thank you for joining us for another enriching episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast with our esteemed guest, Dr. Francesco Barbera. This discussion not only highlighted the essential role family businesses play in our economy but also the innovative strides being made in education and support for these entities. We’re reminded of the power of community, education, and strategic thinking in navigating the complex dynamics of family business.

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