Canadian women in tech feel employers have ‘patched the pandemic’ but worry about career prospects

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While technology companies across the country have done a good job in ‘patching the present’ more needs to be done to support the growth and advancement of female employee’s post-pandemic. A new survey conducted by SAP Canada suggests that while women in technology have experienced a more positive work-life compared to those outside the field, they worry that their long-term career growth and goals have been stunted by the pandemic. 

We recently chatted with Gina Izumi, SVP Sales, at SAP Canada. Gina Izumi leads a team of people who are committed to creating real business value for the fastest-growing companies in Canada.  Working with them, and with Sr. Executives, she helps clients transform their businesses by improving their agility, productivity and profitability.

In this podcast, Gina shared some of the key findings in the new survey conducted by SAP Canada and what are some of the factors that technology companies need to address during and post-pandemic.