Crafting Your Brand’s Online Identity with CIRA’s Meghan Graham

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In this latest episode of the Small Business Podcast, we dive deep into the pivotal realm of the digital landscape with a special guest, Meghan Graham. As the Manager of Marketing Communications and Digital at CIRA – The Canadian Internet Registration Authority, Meghan’s expertise extends beyond just promoting the .CA domain. She’s here to enlighten us on the importance of a robust online presence and how businesses can navigate the digital world with confidence and professionalism. 

Key Highlights: 

  • Online Presence: The vital importance of businesses and individuals establishing an online presence beyond social media. 
  • Brand Credibility: How having a dedicated website can boost a brand’s professionalism compared to just social media profiles. 
  • Online Identity: The role of a website as the central online identity and how social media can enhance its visibility. 
  • Domain Significance: The impact of domain name and extension on branding and discoverability. 
  • Choosing .CA: The advantages of Canadian entities opting for a .CA domain over other extensions. 
  • Crafting Domain Names: Strategies and insights on creating a memorable and effective domain name, including potential challenges to be aware of.