Customer Experience – Your most powerful marketing tool

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The importance of customer experience cannot be overstated. It is the single most important factor in retaining clients, and these days people are much more likely to leave if they have a bad first impression of your business or product
A well-run company will always provide outstanding CX because it creates an environment where customers feel valued which resonates back through all levels as employees know their worth too!

I am joined by Marcelo Souhami, VP of sales, for SAP Customer Experience in Canada. Who is so passionate about Customer Experience. Strong technical background facilitating the establishment of trust and buy-in with business development and sales initiatives that require engineering-level understanding and superior presentation skills. Sought after to facilitate client presentations for other business groups.

In this podcast, Marcelo discussed the biggest issues/pivots SMEs are realizing for successful CX and what CX technology investments are seeing SMEs considering. He also shared his advice to SMEs planning for 2022.