Cyber Security Tips for Small Business

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Hi everyone, this is Sheliza Yacoob from CanadianSME business magazine, please join me in welcoming, Anne Genge CEO of Alexio Corporation, Alexio is Canada’s Cyber Risk Solution for Healthcare & Small Business

Anne is 2020 CDM ‘Most Innovative Woman in Cybersecurity’. She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional with a specialization in healthcare. She also holds certifications for HIPAA Security and PCI Compliance. With over 20 years of experience, Anne knows the challenges healthcare providers face with technology. She and her team at Alexio Corporation work with small businesses and healthcare professionals to minimize data risk and keep business systems running smoothly.

Alexio is also sponsoring this year’s Excellence in Data Privacy & Security award,

Data privacy & security are not just legal requirements, enacting them ensures business success and sustainability. The Excellence in Data Privacy & Security Award is given to the company that has proven that data privacy & security are a top priority.

Businesses who demonstrate that they have a formal privacy officer, have written policies in place, implement proper network security measures, and invest in security awareness training will be considered for this award, and is the main factor judges will refer to when it comes to choosing the winner.

Small Businesses of all industries (who are not IT or security companies) are eligible under this category.

Please visit to apply now.