Data Security in the Digital Age: Expertise of Colette Stewart

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In this compelling episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we’re honored to have Colette Stewart, Enterprise Privacy Lead and Managing Counsel at Interac Corp., share her extensive knowledge on data privacy in Canada’s financial services sector. With a focus on a recent survey commissioned by Interac during Data Privacy Week, Colette delves into Canadians’ concerns, the complexities of consent, and the expectations from open banking. Her insights into how Interac is navigating these challenges and empowering Canadians in the digital economy are not only enlightening but also essential for anyone looking to understand the current and future landscape of financial services privacy.

Key Highlight Points:

  • Motivations behind commissioning the survey and key findings on Canadians’ data privacy concerns.
  • Challenges Canadians face in giving consent and how businesses can improve clarity and trust.
  • Canadians’ perceptions of open banking and their expectations for data protection and benefits.
  • How Interac contributes to the open banking framework and resources for Canadians to stay informed.
  • Recommendations for small businesses and individuals to safeguard data privacy in the digital economy.
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A heartfelt thanks to Colette Stewart for her invaluable contributions to this discussion on data privacy and open banking. Her expertise offers a vital understanding for navigating the complexities of Canada’s digital financial landscape.

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