Discussing Cloud Technologies for Small Businesses with Jason Allan

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Startups have a good chance of using cloud technologies. For smaller startups, hosting their data and applications in the cloud can be an affordable option that grows with your business as needed – it’s not just for large enterprises anymore

We had the opportunity to chat with, Jason Allan, the Cloud Practice Lead for CDW Canada who has been working in the IT industry for the last 25+ years, working around the world and in many different industries, helping businesses discover what it means to leverage the right technology to meet their business goals and ensure great technology service experiences for their customers. Jason specializes in leading innovative Information Technology engagements, based on years of experience designing & building world-class, public and private cloud solutions, with a keen focus on application modernization & data protection.

In this podcast, Jason discussed what works and more importantly doesn’t work when designing and building technology outcomes and shared this unique experience and knowledge with regard to cloud technology for SMEs.