Discussing Digital Transformation with Andrew Graham

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Small business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to save money, improve efficiency and make the most of their company’s time. Business technology is a key way that people can do this; digitization solutions offer many benefits to small businesses at an affordable rate. 

Welcome to the latest episode of the small business podcast where I’m joined with Andrew Graham. Andrew Graham is the Vice President of Virtual Sales for Ricoh Canada Inc. He oversees the go-to-market strategy for the small and medium-size business sector across Canada and leads a national team of sales and support professionals who specialize in integrated solutions that best meet the needs of their customers. 

In this podcast,  Andrew shares his thoughts on the most popular small business technology/digitization solutions so far and where he believes the value is for small business owners to invest in. Andrew also shared his advice for others leading, managing, or even thinking about the future of an all-virtual, remote or hybrid team.