Discussing Indigenous Entrepreneurship with Steven Vanloffeld

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Many organizations are working hard to develop partnerships with Indigenous communities. These endeavours help make sure that the services offered will be culturally sensitive, which is critical for those who want their experience of care and treatment within these facilities or programs not just to reflect them but also to provide representation from all walks of life in one place at any given time!

I am joined by Steven Vanloffeld. Steven is an Anishinaabe from Saugeen First Nation, ON, and has over a decade of experience in Indigenous/government/community relations. He is the Founder and CEO of esupply Canada Ltd., a leading distributor of office, janitorial, and industrial supplies; and he is also the owner and principal consultant of INDsight Consulting, a research and evaluation company.

In this podcast, Steven shared his opinion on the development of engagement and collaboration with Indigenous communities and discussed strategies that need to be developed further in order to better work with/talk to Indigenous communities.