Discussing Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey with Jim Mitchell

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Statistics Canada recently issued its Labour Force Survey for the month of March. The report measures change in employment and analyze trends in Canada’s job market. For reference, the latest report found that employment in Canada increased by 259,000 jobs in February. 

Following the report’s publication, we got the chance to chat with Jim Mitchell, president of LHH to see their perspective on the findings. LHH is a leader in Canada’s employment industry, supporting organizations through a career transition, talent and skills development, recruitment, and leadership transformation. Jim leads the Executive Committee for LHH in Canada and is a global Executive Vice President. Prior to this role, Jim held the position of Senior Vice President and Managing Director for LHH’s US Midwest Region, responsible for providing highly effective talent management solutions in one of North America’s most globally dynamic labour markets.

Because of LHH’s expertise and knowledge of Canada’s job market, as well as the latest trends in recruitment and workforce innovation, in this podcast, Jim provides a unique perspective on the qualitative insights and trends reported in the Labour Force Survey.