Discussing the Benefits of Moving to Cloud with Eric Gales

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One of the biggest challenges new companies face is how to grow their customer base without overloading their servers. Everyone wants a million subscribers. But not every new company has the computing power to handle that much traffic.

We chatted with Eric Gales, Country Manager for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Canada to learn how Eric brings a wealth of expertise, advising small, medium-sized, and large businesses on how to transform their business with technology including the latest cloud and machine learning innovations. Eric infuses customer obsession in all AWS Canada operations including business development, sales, partner alliances, marketing, solutions architecture, customer support, and technical skills development.

Eric was instrumental in launching AWS’s first Cloud Region, in Montreal, in 2016, allowing customers to host data locally. Since then, Eric has played a pivotal role in helping Canadian businesses adapt and respond to Canada’s changing landscape.

In this podcast, Eric discusses how AWS is supporting small businesses in Canada? The main benefits of using cloud computing and what the specific programs or incentives AWS has placed to help small businesses weather the storm of pandemic

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