Discussing the Government Funding Opportunities with Dieter Eisbrenner

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GrantMatch is the leading expert in securing government grant and incentive funding, working with organizations from the food processing industry to the aerospace industry, and everything in between. RBC has established an exclusive partnership with GrantMatch to help RBC clients uncover government funding opportunities that they may be missing.

We recently got the chance to chat with Dieter Eisbrenner, President of GrantMatch North America. Dieter is leading the Business Beyond Banking partnership with RBC, creating the right space for the commercial account managers to offer Grant Management Solutions to their key clients. Dieter is a results-driven executive with over 25 years of experience in government funding, including tax credits and government grants and incentives. Dieter’s skill set spans all operational areas with a core focus on maximizing the clients’ government incentives strategy nationally across a variety of programs.

In this podcast, Dieter explained the role of the GrantMatch company in the small business community, RBC’s new partnership with GrantMatch and how is it going to impact the grant-seeking community. He also shared the eligibility requirements and different ways to avoid the common mistakes people make when applying for grants.