Discussing women entrepreneurship – How these women made it big in their respective industries and are now focusing on the future of their businesses

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With World Entrepreneur Day celebrated late last month, we wanted to reach out and offer three female entrepreneurs Dorothy Spence, Jane Wang and Stephanie Korour, to discuss what being an entrepreneur means to them, as well as how they navigate the business world and support other women entrepreneurs. 

We recently got the chance to speak to Dorothy Spence Dorothy Spence is an engineer, serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and the founder of Imaginal Ventures and The Purpose Led Business School. Dorothy’s 20-year experience as a skilled business and leadership advisor has helped countless companies catalyze profitability and asset growth. Jane Wang Jane Wang, MBA, is a serial health tech entrepreneur, University Professor, Cancer research fundraiser, and Founder/CEO of Optimity, a popular wellness app that rewards users for integrating healthy habits into their lifestyle to reach their health and financial goals and Stephanie Korour. Stephanie Korour is a speaker, writer, Peak Performance Expert and founder of Breakthrough To Brilliance Method™ which redefines fulfillment and sincere happiness by focusing on mind-body alignment and synergy in all areas of life. 

In this podcast, they discussed how can women better enable each other instead of competing and what needs to be done to change their opinion