Discussing Women Entrepreneurship with Andrea Sesum

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Please join me in welcoming Andrea Sesum, founder and former CEO of Ontario College of Business & Technology, Co-Founder of HER Digital Academy and founder of Women in Entrepreneurship. 

Andrea Sesum is an expert in the business of education, and on a mission to create world-class learning experiences that help women. Over the course of her career, Andrea has combined her passion for higher education, innovation, and diversity & inclusion. Now recognized as a global leader in these areas, Andrea is a regular keynote speaker, and winner of City of Toronto’s Access, Equity & Human Rights Award (2015), CSPN’s Leader in Diversity & Inclusion (Year), and Nominee for RBC’s Canadian Woman of Influence (Year)

In this podcast, Andrea discussed how do business leaders and aspiring women entrepreneurs bounce back from uncertainty and start businesses under challenging circumstances and shared her advice to women entrepreneurs running their business smoothly during these tough times.