Discussing women entrepreneurship with Tracy Bell

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They are a small FEMALE LED start-up company based in New Brunswick that has created a new global category of TEA. They aren’t just TEA though, They are the ONLY fresh, un-dried tea plant product on the market today worldwide.

We recently got the chance to chat with Tracy Bell,  a television reporter, turned corporate exec, turned start-up CEO. In 2016, a health scare in the family prompted Tracy and her husband to reimagine the way tea is processed in an effort to extract more antioxidants. That concept led to the creation of a new category of tea – called Fresh-Leaf TEA – and a product that is being called “the future of tea” by industry leaders. ​Tracy is the founder of  The Millenia Tea.

In this podcast, Tracy discussed how to cope up with challenges and difficulties starting out a female-led business and how as a society we can help empower female entrepreneurship.