Elevating Women Entrepreneurs: Insights from Rachel Rodrigues

In this enlightening episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Rachel Rodrigues, EY Canada Entrepreneur Of The Year Program Director and Assurance Partner at EY Private. With her extensive experience, Rachel has become a pivotal figure in guiding entrepreneurs and private businesses through intricate challenges, showcasing her commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit across Canada. Her work emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, underlining her belief in entrepreneurs’ significant role in driving economic growth and innovation.

Key Highlight Points

  • Rachel discusses the comprehensive criteria used in the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year program to evaluate candidates, focusing on the balance between financial success, innovation, and community impact.
  • Insights into how the program stays responsive to the changing dynamics of entrepreneurship, including the evaluation of leadership, resilience, and strategic vision.
  • The strategies and initiatives the EOY program implements to  foster diversity and inclusivity, particularly in supporting women entrepreneurs.
  • A look into specific efforts by the EOY program to uplift women in the entrepreneurial realm and the impact of these initiatives on their visibility and success.
  • Rachel shares her vision for the future of entrepreneurship and women’s leadership, alongside how the EOY program plans to evolve to continue recognizing entrepreneurial achievements.

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In this engaging session with Rachel Rodrigues, we’re inspired by the transformative impact of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year program on the entrepreneurial landscape in Canada and beyond. Rachel’s dedication to fostering an accessible, diverse, and inclusive environment for entrepreneurs shines through, highlighting the pivotal role of innovation and strategic leadership in driving business success.

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