Embracing Generative AI with Vala Afshar

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In an exciting new episode of the CanadianSME Small Business podcast, we explore the future of generative AI with Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce. This episode uncovers the transformative potential of generative AI, its role in shaping the future of work, the ethical considerations, and much more. We also delve into the current landscape of AI in Canada, highlighting the rise in investments and the associated challenges.

Key Highlights:

Generative AI Unleashed: Vala Afshar gives an enlightening overview of generative AI, its potential to bring industry-wide transformations, and shares real-world examples of its significant impact.

AI Investment in Canada: With reference to IDC statistics, Vala discusses the increase in Canadian AI investment, exploring the factors driving this trend, and the challenges in talent acquisition and data quality.

Future of Work and Generative AI: The episode delves into how generative AI could alter the way we work, pinpointing industries or job roles that may witness remarkable transformations.

Ethics and Trust in Generative AI: Vala shares insights into the ethical concerns around generative AI and offers guidance on how businesses can foster trust in their AI technologies.

Salesforce’s AI Endeavors: Hear about Salesforce’s initiatives in AI and generative AI, including their approach to ensuring ethical and responsible use.

Advice on Adopting Generative AI: Vala provides invaluable advice for those considering generative AI adoption, detailing preparation steps for successful implementation.

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