Embracing Peer-to-Peer Dynamics with Leon Goren

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In this episode of the Small Business Podcast, we delve deep into the realm of leadership and the transformative concept of peer-to-peer learning. We are privileged to host Mr. Leon Goren, CEO of PEO Leadership, whose innovative approach to leadership has been instrumental for top-tier companies from Alcon to Crayola and Nestle. As we unpack the intricacies of peer-to-peer leadership groups and their pivotal role in today’s ever-evolving business world, Leon takes us through his remarkable journey, sharing insights from the vantage point of his influential platform.

Key Highlights:

  • His professional background and the inspiration behind PEO Leadership.
    The critical importance of peer-to-peer leadership groups in the modern business landscape.
  • A comparative insight into how peer-to-peer leadership groups stand out from traditional leadership development initiatives.
  • The secret behind PEO Leadership’s emphasis on trust and collaboration, the pillars of a successful leadership community.
  • Leon’s insights into the most pressing concerns that SME CEOs are grappling with today.
  • A glimpse into how SME CEOs are strategically embracing and adapting to the rapid digital transformations and the surge of emerging technologies.

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