Empathetic Leadership in Tech

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In this captivating episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we are thrilled to welcome Dan Kagan, the Senior Vice President and Canadian Country Manager at Okta. With a remarkable career spanning over two decades, Dan stands as a visionary in Canada’s tech sector. His dedication to innovation, empathetic leadership, and his role in Okta’s impressive growth in the Canadian market make him a distinguished figure. Today, Dan will share his valuable insights and experiences, reflecting on Okta’s strategic decisions, office culture, leadership styles, and recent achievements.

Key Highlight Points:

  • Dan discusses the vision and motivation behind Okta’s significant physical presence in Canada and its alignment with the company’s overall strategy.
  • Understanding why maintaining a strong physical office is crucial for Okta in the Canadian market, despite the trend towards remote and hybrid work models.
  • Insights into the guiding principles and goals in creating Okta’s new office space, reflecting the company’s culture and ethos.
  • Dan shares how he fosters a culture of empathy within Okta and the impact of this approach on the company’s success.
  • A discussion on the key developments and strategies unveiled at Oktane 2023, and their influence on Okta’s journey in Canada.
  • Exploring the initiatives and practices that led to Okta Canada being recognized as one of Canada’s Great Places to Work and plans for future growth.
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Our deepest gratitude to Dan Kagan for sharing his expertise and insights on our podcast. His perspectives on leadership, innovation, and workplace culture provide invaluable lessons for our listeners. A special thanks to our partners: RBC, UPS, and Xero, for their continuous support. To our listeners, thank you for joining us on this journey. Remember to subscribe to CanadianSME Small Business Magazine at www.canadiansme.ca  for more inspiring content. Until next time, let’s keep supporting local businesses and nurturing the heart of our communities!