Empowering Growth: Insights from Cansulta’s Leaders

In this episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we are joined by Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, Founder & CEO of Cansulta, and Michele Davies, CEO Advisory Consultant & Fractional COO at Cansulta. Together, they delve into the creation and operation of Cansulta, an e-consulting marketplace designed to empower small and medium enterprises through expert consulting services. Both leaders in their respective fields, Alexandra and Michele bring a wealth of knowledge in business strategy, change management, and innovative growth solutions. Their collaboration exemplifies the transformative impact of expert guidance in today’s competitive business environment.

Key Highlights:

  • Alexandra and Michele share their motivations behind founding Cansulta and their individual ventures, illustrating the passion and vision that drive successful entrepreneurs.
  • They discuss the common obstacles faced by small businesses, emphasizing how targeted consulting can provide critical support and strategic direction.
  • Real-life success stories from Cansulta’s client base showcase the measurable impact of their consulting efforts on client growth and operational improvement.
  • Practical advice on how small businesses can effectively select and collaborate with consultants to maximize benefits, including red flags to watch out for during the selection process.
  • Insights into how Cansulta continues to innovate its services to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses, staying ahead with trends like digital transformation and personalized consulting solutions.

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Thank you, Alexandra and Michele, for providing such insightful perspectives and actionable advice. Your contributions to the consulting industry and your dedication to enhancing small business operations through Cansulta are truly commendable.

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