Entrepreneurship during challenging times with Jean-François Gagné, Founder and CEO – Element AI

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Welcome to the second episode of Canada Business Talks, presented by our exclusive banking partner RBC

Up-close & personal interaction with Jean-François Gagné, Founder and CEO – Element AI

Entrepreneurs are, by nature, influential individuals who are capable of great things. To maintain that greatness, an entrepreneur must be able to withstand any difficulties their organization may face. That is why any entrepreneur needs to have resilience during challenging times and be the lifeline that employees can support.

With the spread of COVID-19, entrepreneurs are facing unprecedented challenges. There is no doubt that many of our businesses and economies will get worse before they get better. It’s essential to learn how to self-manage and make critical business decisions during these times.

In today’s episode, Jean-François Gagné, Founder and CEO – Element AI will discuss how you can revive your business during unpredictable times. This interactive session will teach you how to make better business decisions and build entrepreneurial resilience internally and externally. It will also give you the knowledge on how to be socially responsible, build better brand awareness, and address employees and customers. And adapt to the changing landscape as the economy reopens.