Exploring the AI-Entrepreneurship Connection with Yu Qi Sun

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Welcome to the latest and most captivating episode of the Small Business Podcast! We are truly honored to have Yu Qi Sun, the Key Account & Partnership Manager at Shoplazza, as our esteemed guest. She brings a wealth of expertise in the field of artificial intelligence, and in this enlightening conversation, we dive deep into how AI is reshaping the landscape of businesses and e-commerce. 

Key Highlights: 

  • Upcoming Features and Industry Vision: Explore the future of e-commerce and how AI is shaping entrepreneurship on the horizon. 
  • AI’s E-commerce Revolution: Discover concrete examples of how Shoplazza is at the forefront of utilizing AI to reimagine e-commerce, offering personalized experiences for both consumers and entrepreneurs. 
  • Shoplazza’s AI Initiatives: Learn about the initiatives Shoplazza has embraced to harness the power of AI and how this has positively impacted entrepreneurial ventures on their platform. 
  • Success Stories: Yu Qi Sun shares a compelling case study showcasing the pivotal role Shoplazza’s AI tools played in transforming a traditional business into a thriving online success story. 
  • AI for SMEs: Gain valuable insights into how small and medium-sized enterprises can incorporate AI into their business strategies to remain competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 
  • Future Trends and Challenges: Yu Qi Sun provides her expert foresight into the key trends and challenges at the intersection of AI and entrepreneurship in the next 5-10 years, offering guidance on how businesses can effectively prepare for these changes.