Mastering the Balance: Strategic Money Management for Canadian SMEs with Daryl Ching

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In our newest episode of the Small Business Podcast, we’re shining the spotlight on Money Management – and not just from the CRA’s perspective. Dive in as we explore this tool for profound business insights. For this deep dive, we’re joined by Daryl Ching, the visionary founder of Vistance Capital Advisory. As an alumnus of Western’s Honors Economics Program and with a rich decade in investment banking, Daryl’s expertise ranges from structuring mammoth transactions at RBC Capital Markets to crafting financial statements for small enterprises. His vast real-world experience makes him an authority on impactful financial management. 

Key Highlights: 

  • An in-depth look at Money Management as a pivotal business tool. 
  • Daryl’s impressive journey from Western’s Honors Economics to investment – – banking. 
  • Real-life experiences from multi-billion dollar deals to small business financial nuances. 
  • Exclusive insights on effective financial management strategies.