Kickstarting Tech in SMBs: Tips from Anton Tchernikovsky

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In our latest episode of the Small Business Podcast, we’re joined by the illustrious Anton Tchernikovsky, a leading figure in the sphere of Microsoft Dynamics 365. With a multifaceted experience that has seen him influence sectors from InsurTech and FinTech to Gaming and the Public sector, Anton has consistently championed the power of software technologies in bringing transformative shifts to businesses. 

Key Highlight Points: 

  • A deep dive into why it’s crucial for SMBs and how it differs from the tech landscape of larger corporations. 
  • Discussing the indispensable applications, such as CRM, marketing tools, accounting software, and reporting platforms, that can drive monumental business growth. 
  • Unpacking the world of industry-specific software solutions like ERPs, inventory, and project management tools with a spotlight on Anton’s top picks. 
  • An exploration into the transformative role AI plays in the small business tech ecosystem. 
  • Valuable guidance for SMB owners on initiating their tech journey, ensuring optimal returns on their tech investments, and seeking potential governmental support.