A Glimpse into Fintech’s Evolution with Ryan Rego

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In the latest episode of the Small Business Podcast, listeners are taken on a journey through the dynamic fintech landscape, where the transformative potential of small businesses stands front and center. Guest Ryan Rego, transitioning from an academic role at Western University’s Ivey Business School to leading fintech maverick Plooto, unravels how small businesses are creating ripples in the financial sector. 

Key Highlights: 

  • Plooto’s Role in Partnerships: The episode delves into the challenges businesses face while navigating the intricate landscape of technology app partnerships and highlights crucial elements to prioritize in decision-making. 
  • Evolution of Payment Automation: Ryan discusses the metamorphosis of payment automation, emphasizing its shift from a supplementary tool to an essential one. 
  • The conversation also touches upon the tangible advantages this automation brings in terms of elevating efficiency and productivity levels. 
  • Innovation vs. Performance in Fintech: A compelling segment on the fintech sector’s balancing act: fostering groundbreaking innovation while ensuring unwavering, consistent performance.