The Women Exporters Program with UPS Canada’s María Luisa Boyce

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In our recent episode of the Small Business Podcast, we welcome the esteemed María Luisa Boyce, Vice President of International Policy for Global Public Affairs at UPS Canada. With an illustrious 25-year journey in international trade, customs, and cross-border business, María Luisa’s insights are invaluable. Our discussion centers on the groundbreaking Women Exporters Program, a global initiative reshaping the landscape for women entrepreneurs not just in Canada, but globally. We delve into its origins, its growth trajectory, and its pivotal role in addressing gender disparities in education and export participation. Furthermore, we explore how this initiative significantly amplifies the financial success of women-led businesses.

Key Highlights:

  • María Luisa’s 25-year expertise in international trade and her aspirations for a gender-inclusive future.
  • The inception and driving vision behind the Women Exporters Program.
  • The program’s proactive approach to addressing challenges women – entrepreneurs face in education and international trade.

Insights into the tangible upliftment in the financial performances of women-owned businesses, attributed to this initiative.

  • The success stories and long-term vision of the Women Exporters Program.

Our time with María Luisa Boyce was a deep dive into the world of women in international trade. Her dedication to empowering women entrepreneurs shines through, and we’re inspired by her vision. Our sincerest thanks go out to our partners: RBC for their consistent financial support, Xero for their top-tier accounting solutions, and a special nod to UPS for not only being a reliable shipping partner but also for their pioneering efforts with the Women Exporters Program. To all the women entrepreneurs tuning in, take heart in María Luisa’s encouraging words; the expansive realm of international trade is ripe with opportunities for you. As we anticipate the future impact of the Women Exporters Program on Canadian business, we cheer on UPS and Startup Canada in their endeavours. For those hungry for more inspiring dialogues, remember to subscribe at Until our next rendezvous, stay driven and keep soaring.