Evolving Landscape of Manufacturing with Expertise from Dennis Darby

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In this insightful episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we had the privilege of hosting Dennis Darby, President and CEO of Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME). Dennis brings a diverse background, including transformative roles in major Canadian trade associations and a noteworthy career in the consumer-packaged goods sector at Procter & Gamble. His experience covers R&D, strategic planning, government and regulatory affairs, and external relations, with assignments across Canada, the US, and Europe. As a key advocate for over 2,500 Canadian manufacturers, Dennis’s leadership at CME has been pivotal in driving business growth and addressing industry challenges.

Key Highlights:

  • Dennis discusses how CME is helping manufacturers tackle current labour and skills shortages, along with innovative strategies being implemented.
  • The potential impacts of the recent Inflation Reduction Act on Canadian manufacturers and CME’s strategies for adapting to these changes.
  • Key takeaways from the CME members’ survey that are influencing the organization’s current focus.
  • How CME is advocating for its members in terms of Federal and Ontario budgets, including priority areas and examples of successful advocacy.
  • CME’s approach to mitigating the effects of labour disruptions and the role of policy in this.
  • Dennis’s views on future challenges in manufacturing and how CME is preparing to support its members.
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We would like to thank Dennis Darby for joining us on this episode and providing such valuable insights into the manufacturing industry. His discussion on the crucial role of agility and proactive advocacy in today’s manufacturing sector has been enlightening, emphasizing the importance for businesses to be ahead of labor trends, policy changes, and economic shifts. Dennis’s expertise highlights the significance of strategic planning and community support in overcoming industry challenges.

Our gratitude also extends to our partners – Exclusive Banking partner RBC, Exclusive shipping partner UPS, and exclusive accounting software partner Xero, for their unwavering support in facilitating these important discussions. Your commitment is key in strengthening our community and bringing these conversations to the forefront.

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