Exclusive chat with Michelle Meghie

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Every February, people across Canada participate in Black History Month events and festivities that honour the legacy of Black Canadians and their communities.The 2022 theme for Black History Month is: “February and Forever: Celebrating Black History today and every day,” which focuses on recognizing the daily contributions that Black Canadians make to Canada. Black History Month is a critical time for reflection, for compassion, for improvement—but it is not and must not be the only time. We can always do better, and we can always do more.

We recently got a chance to speak to Michelle Meghie, the president of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce. (CBCC) Michelle joins the CBCC with an established track record of improving member/customer experiences in a broad range of organizations and sectors. Michelle brings extensive experience in government, governance, and non-profit institutions. Additionally, Michelle brings relevant expertise that supports the CBCC as it navigates through the complexities of a nation-wide post-pandemic world that is challenging the black businesses sector.

In this podcast, Michelle discusses the importance of taking the time of BHM to reflect, and think back, and celebrate Blackness in all of its forms, what are some professional development workshops being offered this year by the Black Chamber of Commerce and she shares her special advice to black women entrepreneurs during this challenging time.