Exclusive talk with Nicholas Reichenbach, Founder and CEO, Flow Alkaline Spring Water

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Hello Everone, this is Sheliza from CanadianSME Small Business Magazine, please join me in welcoming Nicholas Reichenbach, Founder, and CEO of Flow Alkaline Spring Water. Nicholas Reichenbach, 42, is the founder and CEO of Flow Water, an Ontario-based company that packages alkaline spring water in eco-friendly Tetra Paks in Aurora, Ont. A seasoned executive & serial start-up, investor and consumer product entrepreneur, Nicholas has built a robust track record, founding, creating and building multiple businesses in the consumer goods, social media, internet/mobile technology, entertainment and hospitality space;

Flow ( a socially responsible water company), Mindfull INC (an organic Food & Beverage company), Rabbit (a leading social video chat platform venture-backed by Google Ventures, CrunchFund and other leading VCs). Today we are talking about entrepreneurship, resilience and also discusses his recent launch and inspiration behind Collagen