From Ground Up to Growth: GMD Wholesale Journey

In this latest episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we dive into the fascinating journey of Greg Rohn and Moishe Posner, the dynamic duo behind GMD Wholesale. With Greg’s extensive background in sales and marketing complemented by Moishe’s visionary approach to distribution and drop-shipping, they’ve transformed GMD Wholesale into a leading distributor representing over 50 unique brands. Their story from inception to achieving considerable success in the retail and consumer products sectors underscores the essence of innovation, partnership, and strategic navigation through the business landscape.

Key Highlight Points:

  • Exploration of how Greg and Moishe’s partnership was formed, the inspiration behind GMD Wholesale, and the impact of their diverse backgrounds on the company’s direction and ethos.
  • Insights into maintaining significant business relationships, including examples of how these connections facilitated GMD’s growth and overcame challenges.
  • Discussion on the strategic decision to adopt a distinctive business model centered on distribution and drop-shipping, including the implementation challenges and confidence-building measures.
  • Examination of key challenges and pivotal decisions that spurred company growth, especially during economic downturns, and effective strategies for navigating these challenges.
  • Reflections on the primary keys to business success, their influence on Greg and Moishe’s decisions, and the principle’s evolution with GMD Wholesale’s continuous growth and adaptation.

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This episode with Greg Rohn and Moishe Posner not only shines a light on their remarkable journey with GMD Wholesale but also offers profound insights into the entrepreneurial spirit. Their story is a vivid illustration of how dedication, strategic innovation, and robust partnerships can lead to outstanding business achievements. Greg and Moishe’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs emphasizes the significance of perseverance, adaptability, and the nurturing of strong business relationships as foundational elements for success.

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