Future-proofing supply chain operations with Cloud technology

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Sage’s “Global distributors transform to adapt, survive and thrive” report, which captures how distributors around the world, including North America, are responding to the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Across Canada and globally, distributors have had to rapidly transform their operations to meet increased consumer demand by being innovative and agile,” said Daniel Oh, VP, Medium Segment at Sage. “Cloud technology enhanced with AI capabilities and data analytics will be critical for future-proofing supply chain operations. Organizations will need to adapt and scale at a moment’s notice to meet fluctuating demands as e-commerce and next-day delivery becomes the industry standard.”

We recently had the chance to chat with Daniel Oh, Vice President of Sage’s Medium Business Segment. Where he oversees the sales team that supports Sage’s SMB customers.

 In this podcast, Daniel shared the key findings from the report, and discussed to what extent do the survey’s findings apply to Canada and what are some implications the survey’s findings have for Canadian SMEs?