Get Inspired by Roula Badis, A Successful Life & Business Coach

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You’ll never be able to find true fulfillment without taking the time and effort needed for self-reflection. The journey you take from where your life is now, all of those experiences accumulated throughout it – these will help guide what path or direction might lead towards a more fulfilling future!

We recently chatted with Roula Badis, Founder, of Roula Badis Coaching. As a life and business coach in Montreal, she believes that we all have the power to tap into the greatness within ourselves and that each one of us has the right to happiness and fulfillment in all areas of life. Her guiding principle is that a burning desire for self-transformation and an active commitment are the keys to living the new reality you’re seeking.

In this podcast, Roula shared her success story from being a person who didn’t believe in themselves to becoming a successful life and business coach, the services they offer and what is the process of working with her. She also added personal tips or tricks that have helped her in her journey as a woman entrepreneur.

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