Harnessing the Hidden Skills of Veterans with Lisa Taylor

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In our recent episode of the Small Business Podcast, we sit down with the dynamic Lisa Taylor, the President of Challenge Factory. An acknowledged expert, seasoned speaker, and prolific columnist, Lisa has championed the cause of talent equity, demographics, and workforce strategy. With her profound experience in corporate leadership combined with her passion for career development, she brings forth the compelling narrative of veterans being the untapped reservoirs of talent in today’s workforce. During our discussion, Lisa shares the ethos behind Challenge Factory, unravels the unique attributes that make veterans invaluable in the job market, provides her insights into the shifting workforce landscape, and paints a vivid picture of the future of work with a focus on tapping diverse talents.

Key Highlights:

  • The vision and mission driving Challenge Factory.
  • The immense potential of veterans as a distinct talent pool in the modern workforce.
  • Navigating the intricate web of talent equity intertwined with demographic shifts.
  • Strategic approaches to harness diverse talents in an ever-evolving work environment.
  • Lisa’s forward-looking perspective on the next big waves in the workforce and how businesses can be prepared.

Our conversation with Lisa Taylor illuminated the myriad possibilities of the future workforce. A deep note of gratitude to our partners, for they are the pillars supporting our endeavor. Special thanks to RBC for their consistent support, UPS for connecting us across boundaries, and Xero for their impeccable financial management. For those eager to dive deeper into such enriching conversations, do subscribe at https://canadiansme.ca/subscription/. Until our paths cross again, stay inspired, and always aim for the zenith.