Helping Canadian Moms in Business During COVID-19

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Hi Everyone, this is Sheliza Yacoob from CanadiaSME Small Business Magazine, please join me in welcoming Anna Sinclair – a mom of 2 boys under 4 – who started an initiative for moms who own small businesses and have been impacted by COVID who deserve the chance to keep going. She started the company The Total Mom Inc. in 2017 after she wasn’t getting the support she needed as a working mom which led her to produce The Total Mom Show which was the first-ever large-scale holistic festival for moms. After having to cancel 3 major events this spring which was her company’s bread and butter, she spent day and night since April with 2 small children trying to attract business development centers, banks, and brands to support her in the mission of turning a business competition into something more! The Total Mom Pitch is a competition that aims to support entrepreneurship among moms.

We believe that a community of women who stand together, succeed together and that is why we are connecting successful female leaders with ambitious moms. Pitch your business for a chance to win a $10,000 cash prize along with $20,000 in business services, including mentorship from A-List Coaches and Entrepreneurs! The Pitch allows moms across Canada who own a small business to participate and connect with other entrepreneurs during the competition and beyond while receiving expert feedback. The initiative recently got the attention and support of Scotiabank Women’s Initiative and Visa Canada “She’s Next” which is huge for any small business to get. If a small-town mom can do something like this, thousands of Canadian moms can get online and make it happen too! Canadian moms can apply from now to the Deadline: November 12, 2020 Apply online The finale is on March 15th, 2021 which will bring together students, small business owners, executives, and business ecosystems to help us all get back on track.