How COVID-19 continues to impact recruiting and retaining talent

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A national survey recently conducted by Environics for CERIC — a Canadian charitable organization that advances education and research in career counseling and career development — reveals that the majority of Canadian executives (81 per cent) are having difficulty finding people with the right skill set to fill positions and 78 per cent agree there is a skills gap in their respective industry.

To find the keen insights into the results we spoke to John Horn, Director (and Past Chair), CERIC Board (Victoria, BC) John has served on CERIC’s committees and board for over 10 years and shares his career development expertise as Founder of Leveraging his visionary people and culture capabilities, John has spent his career preparing individuals and organizations for the future of work by enhancing leadership, communication and cooperation within individuals and teams

In this podcast, John discussed how career development is an essential strategy for recruiting, developing and retaining productive and satisfied employees, and why there is a need for companies to build best-in-class recruiting strategies. He also shared his key advice to employers to attract and retain the right talent during this challenging time.