How Hootsuite Helped Apricotton Reach a New Level of Success

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The Internet has revolutionized the way businesses operate. These new technologies, which offer a variety of advantages to businesses, are supplementing traditional media. Due to the vast number of components of digital marketing, it is essential to determine what works best for the business.

We chatted with Chloe Beaudoin, co-founder of Apricotton, who along with business partner Jessica Miao, built a TikTok community with over 10 million views and 70,000 followers.

In this podcast, Chloe addresses the significance of social media. She placed a strong emphasis on conducting in-depth research on the presence of your targetted audience on the various social media marketing platforms available today. Chloe discusses her experience with Hootsuite and the enormous influence that using the platform had on the expansion of their brand.