How Lenovo Is Empowering Canadian Small Businesses

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Just because your business is considered “small” or “medium” sized, it doesn’t mean you need less from your technology than “big” businesses. In fact, you probably need more. You need more support, more efficiency and more flexibility precisely because your business isn’t big. That’s why Lenovo has created Small Business Solutions.

Please join me in welcoming Colin McIsaac, Executive & General Manager at Lenovo Canada. Where Colin shares information on some of the future projects or initiatives that Lenovo has planned that can benefit small and medium-sized business owners

Colin’s 23 years of experience spans multiple roles, opportunities, and experiences in the technology business. He has held numerous key leadership positions in both Canada and the US at both Lenovo and IBM. He is passionate about driving broad market engagement and has a strong desire to help enable the customer journey to successful business outcomes.

At CES® 2021 Lenovo unveiled its vision to redefine meaningful innovation in technologies, Lenovo is predicting that the next decade will be defined by smarter technology for all,

In this podcast, learn more about  Colin’s thoughts on this vision and when it comes to running small and medium-sized businesses through advancing technology, what is the number one benefit for entrepreneurs using the Lenovo brand