How SMBs Can Protect and Defend Against Cyberthreats

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CDW Canada’s 2021 Security Study found that the average number of attacks per Canadian organization has decreased significantly compared with 2020, while the cost of attacks has increased. The study results show an average of 419 attacks per organization per year, down from 514 in 2020, but the amount spent by Canadian organizations addressing cyberattacks rose yearly.

We were joined by Noor Bains, Principal Field Solutions Architect at CDW Canada. Noor is passionate about helping organizations improve their Security Posture and programs. Noor’s background ranges from working in different environments such as Security Operations Center (SOC), Security Advisor (Risk and Compliance), Leading Implementation Projects as a Professional Services Engineer, and Leading Technical Sales discussions as a Security Solutions Architect.

In this podcast, Noor discussed the current state of cybersecurity for small businesses in Canada, the misconceptions that small businesses have about cyberattacks, and the most important aspect of developing a security plan for a business.