How Social Media Empowers Small and medium-sized enterprises

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“The human race is developing and adapting at a breakneck speed to the digital era. Access to a limitless amount of content has resulted in the creation of countless jobs, giving birth to various social media marketing firms with brands utilizing social platforms to spread their message.

We had a chat with the Team lead of Social Marketing at Hootsuite, Brayden Cohen. Brayden is passionate about collaborative teams that help solve complicated problems by developing innovative ways to bring a brand’s narrative to life through social media, content & influencer marketing.

In this podcast, Brayden discusses the importance of harnessing social media for SMBs and the need of having defined, quantifiable, realistic, relevant, and timely business goals. In addition, he notes Hootsuite’s freshly released instructive blog and trend report, which provides creative and strategic templates for small businesses to get started.