HR Insider: Mastering Employee Documents for 2023 with Kiljon Shukullari

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As we all know, onboarding new employees can be a complex process, and ensuring that all necessary documents are in place is crucial to the success of the process.

 We got the chance to chat with Kiljon Shukullari, the HR Advisory Manager within Peninsula Group of Companies (BrightHR). An experienced HR professional and a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL), Kiljon Shukullari supports BrightHR clients. Through his years of experience in talent management and HR, Kiljon has gained considerable knowledge of the most relevant topics, trends, and policies—the expertise he now brings to clients. In his current role, Kiljon oversees HR advisors on consultations with potential prospects across all provinces where BrightHR operates. Kiljon also provides support to our HR Advice team on day-to-day inquiries as needed. 

Kiljon joins us to discuss the essential documents required for new employees in 2023. Kiljon will be sharing his insights on the important documents that employers need to have in place when hiring new staff and why these documents are critical for both the employer and the employee.