Importance of cybersecurity for Small Business with Charlie Regan

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Studies show that 29% of businesses that face a data breach end up losing revenue. Of those that lost revenue, 38% experienced a loss of 20% or more. A non-functional website, for example, may cause potential customers to explore other options. But any IT system downtime can lead to work disruptions.

We recently got a chance to chat with Charlie Regan, CEO of Nerds On Site. Charlie has made the company one of Canada’s highest IT solutions companies, with his expertise,  dedication, and years of experience in the tech industry. Understanding that the technology industry is evolving at an increasingly fast rate, Charlie brings an innovative approach with his team to ensure that clients are getting the best IT solutions in the market.

In this podcast, Charlie talks about the best solutions for entrepreneurs when it comes to protecting their data and confidential information, who is really at risk of cyber attacks and what impact can cyber breaches have on the success of a company?

Learn more about how Nerds On Site specializes in providing cost-effective, leading-edge solutions to Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), serving as the complete SME IT solution specialists.