In conversation with Mitacs Change Agent Entrepreneur Negin Ashouri

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Montreal innovator earns award for the breakthrough device to help women  suffering from pelvic organ prolapse

Negin Ashouri is on a mission to elevate women’s quality of life, one medical device at a time. Even the challenges of a global pandemic haven’t stopped the up-and-coming entrepreneur from advancing the first-of-its-kind technology that is enabling her to do just that. Ashouri is one of five winners of the Mitacs Entrepreneur Award who are being recognized for their efforts to turn their research into an innovative business that impacts the lives of Canadians.

I am joined by Negin Ashouri herself along with Jesse Vincent-Herscovici. He has been a member of the Mitacs Business Development team since 2009,  As Vice-President, he is responsible for strategy and leads a large national business development team.

In this podcast, Jesse shares how Mitacs help foster innovation in Canada and what are the upcoming trends in innovation that will change the way Canadian businesses operate, while Negin shared her inspiration and motivation behind the launch of FemTherapeutics and what she’s hoping to accomplish through it