Increasing employer confidence in hiring people with disabilities with Sean McEwen

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The need for more racial and gender equality has never been more relevant than it is now. In order to continue providing jobs that benefit society as a whole, we must ensure an environment where all can succeed according to the skills they bring with them on their journey through life

I am joined by Sean McEwen, Consultant at Hire for Talent which is a project aimed to increase employer awareness about how people with disabilities are a talented part of the workforce. Sean McEwen is a Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and a Director at RealEyes Capacity Consultants. Over the past 22 years, Sean has been designing and overseeing Employment Inclusion and Entrepreneurship services for people with disabilities while providing leadership and coaching to teams of Career Practitioners serving job-seekers and employers. Through RealEyes Capacity Consultants, Sean has co-developed Employment Inclusion Training for organizations facilitating employment services for diverse groups of job-seekers.

In this podcast, Sean discussed how small businesses can be more intentional about creating cultures where all their employees belong and What kind of accommodations can be made to ensure people with disabilities are successfully employed.

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